The yield on US government bonds is rising

The geopolitical tensions, the conflict in the Middle East, the wait for the ECB’s steps (which has to decide on the next interest rate hike on Thursday). There are every reasons for the markets to be prudent.

As expected, a lower opening for Wall Street as it awaits quarterly results from major tech companies on Tuesday. The Dow Jones lost 0.58%, the Nasdaq lost 0.73%.

A negative climate that does not help the already weak and uncertain European markets.

The small improvement noted in the morning disappears to zero. Milan, like Paris, lost 0.08%, while London and Frankfurt lost more than half a percentage point.

The yield on ten-year US Treasury bonds jumped above 5% for the first time since 2007: a sign of the flight from the stock markets. The strain on government bonds can be felt almost everywhere. The spread between Italian BTPs and German federal bonds exceeds the threshold of 200 (to 201) basis points: the yield on our ten-year bond is 4.92%

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