The Autonomous Province of Trento confirms Maurizio Fugatti as President

The outgoing President of the Autonomous Province of Trento Maurizio Fugatti, He was reconfirmed with the center-right coalition with over 50% of the vote. There will be 21 seats.

At the end of the 527 sections examined, Fugatti achieved 51.82% with 129,758 preferences. This is an increase for the Coalition compared to five years ago when it was first elected, at 46.73%. Fugatti is a member of the League, member of the Chamber for three legislative periods (XV, XVI and XVIII), holds various parliamentary positions and was Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Health in the Conte I government from June 13 to November 9, 2018.

Voter turnout saw a 5.66% decline in voter turnout.

Eight lists supported Fugatti, the president of Noi Trentino Per Fugatti (10.73%), the president of the Lega Fugatti (13.07%, second best party), the Brothers of Italy (12.33%), the Union of Christian Democrats and the Center Democrats, Forza Italia and La Civica (4.87%), Trentino Tyrolean Autonomous Party (8.18%) and Fassa. The party with the most votes was the Democratic Party with 16.62%. The center-left candidate fielded Francesco Valduga, but the former mayor of Trentino’s second largest city, Rovereto, stopped his coalition at 37.50%. Filippo Degasperi with Onda is at 3.81%, Marco Rizzo, national leader of the Sovereign Popular Democracy, at 2.26%, followed by Sergio Divina (former member of the first Northern League) at 2.22%, Alex Marini with 1.92% and Elena Dardo with 0.48%. As for the 35-member Provincial Council, the Fugatti coalition already has 20 members and thus holds the majority (5 seats each for the Lega and the Fratelli d’Italia).

Valduga remains at 12 (7 seats for the Democratic Party). The other council members result from the discards, which are counted later.

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