“He disrespected everyone and wants the right to win.”

We will find out in the next few days whether the hypothesis of an agreement between the Democratic Party and 5 Stars in Bari can still be pursued. But not today. Not after Conte’s outburst and after the scathing reaction of the Democratic Party secretary Elly Schlein who arrived at the rally in Bari that was supposed to conclude the campaign for the primaries Vito Leccese and who instead became the one who opened the election campaign for his candidacy for mayor of the center-left party and no longer of the broad field or, if we want, the broad field, with the exception of the Five Star Movement and Those who do this instead will converge Michele Laforgia.

After months in which the Democratic secretary responded with a smile to the excesses and attacks that came with it Giuseppe Contethis time he decided there were too many door jaws.

This is initially the case even if someone on both sides still believes in a miracle, which, if it occurs, would in all probability lead to a third “uniform” name.

She and Leccese go on stage, they stay downstairs Antonio Decaro and especially – Michele Emiliano. In her speech, Schlein thanked both the outgoing mayor and the region’s president, who even a part of the Democratic Party considers too “ruthless” in alliances and too prone to “transformism”.

On the day of the “big breakthrough” it seemed that Elly Schlein had decided to leave Bari, but then she decided to arrive to change her way of presenting herself, perhaps with too much reverence for her former ally, starting from exactly this decision. “Yesterday I heard a rumor in the Roman corridors that I would not come here to you. Instead, I am here with you and for you, keeping my face forward so that we can fight this battle together. And I am here.” because, unlike others, I am a person who keeps his commitments.” The message is aimed directly at Giuseppe Conte: “I understand that those who started politics directly from Palazzo Chigi, may not be as familiar with grassroots militancy, with the effort to build collective democratic paths, as those who set up pavilions for the primaries.” But I demand respect for this community.” Because, says Schlein, “the demolition of the primaries three days before the vote is a slap in the face to all honorable people who have prepared to vote for Vito or Michele on Sunday.” Above all, he emphasizes: “The suggestion that the two candidates, both mirror images, are less of each other using transparent methods without being able to check the votes received is intolerable. No, that is not acceptable.”

“I am very sorry for this unilateral decision that Giuseppe Conte made with the 5 Star Movement without looking for a solution together. I want to say it clearly: This is how they help the right.”

The morning before, Giuseppe Conte had searched for him across the sea and mountains in order to find a solution together. Instead, the five-star boss preferred to arrive in Bari, wait for the journalists and drop the bombshell of “withdrawal” from the primaries. But in his words he already seems to identify this path as a possible path that is still common.

And that is, beyond the now rather troubled personal relationships, a point that continues to be central for the PD leader: “Yesterday (Thursday) we suggested to the other candidate that both of them take a step back.” But – she commented with “another whip – the reaction was negative, perhaps also from those who, thanks to the commitment of the Democratic Party, had already planned press conferences in the places seized by the mafia.”

The urge to try the path of patience again with M5 comes from several of its key supporters in the party. On Thursday Goffredo Bettini made his voice heard, yesterday it was Andrea Orlando who affirmed the evangelical path of the “other cheek”: Of course, he says on television, one must “reject Conte’s exploitation”. But then he adds: “What I think should be done at this moment is to throw water on the fire” and “to demonstrate the goodwill of the forces on the ground, you have to look for a third figure.”

A third candidate who can bring about reconstruction and avoid a split that would most likely hand Bari to the right after a long time. This is the idea that stays under the radar and not too much. Leccese himself speaks about it on stage: “Some of Laforgia’s supporters have asked me if it can be made up for. I’ve always tried to heal the tears.” But, he adds, the “uniform solution” cannot be applied to Laforgia, the candidate supported by Conte: “That’s not what you call a uniform solution, that’s what you call an ultimatum . And we are tired of being subjected to ultimatums.” This is the line set by the Democratic Party: Nobody thinks about imposing candidates. If that’s the case, then all Democrats support Leccese as their mayoral candidate, as Schlein said on stage. Then the PD boss added: “We are ready to support you, even if, after this break you have caused, you still want to try the path of unity and find a unified synthesis.” Exactly, an open window, because mathematics has its own strength and division is a great “gift to the right”.

But the cheek will not be rejected today because – warns Schlein – “I am never angry about the attacks that come directly at me. But I am not prepared to tolerate the attacks that are hitting our community.”

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