Israel and the US on high alert, CNN and NYT: “Iran is preparing an attack”. Biden fears a rapid escalation

The United States And Israel They are on high alert because they are expecting one attack ofIran in response to the Israeli attack Iranian consulate From Damascus from last April 1st. It is one of the Worst case scenariosbecause – as the administration fears Biden – could soon be translated into one rapid escalation the conflict in the Middle East. The concern shared between Washington and Tel Aviv is evident in the information gathered CNN And New York Times. The United States is on alert and preparing for “a significant attack of Iran next week,” wrote the American broadcaster. The Big Apple newspaper adds that Iran has also asked all its questions armed forces “on high alert” after the decision was made, “answer directly” to Israel. The New York Times Quote two Iranian officials who requested anonymity.

Talk to that CNN Instead, he is directly a high official in the administration of Joe Biden: The White House is actively preparing for a possible “significant” attack next week by Iran in response to the Israeli attack on Damascus on Monday. Senior US officials currently believe that an attack by Iran “inevitable“, a view shared by their Israeli colleagues. The two governments are preparing for what is to come as they predict that Iran’s attack could take place in the year many different options. The impending Iranian attack was one of them Main topics Discussion during the President’s phone call Joe Biden with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Armed forces on high alert – An identical scenario is outlined by New York Timeswhich reminds us that several have already arrived Threats of revengeIran, including during the public funeral for the victims of the Israeli attack. On Friday, the defense of the Jewish state became active high alert level because of the risk of an attack.” Fear of reprisals from the country of the Ayatollahs also prompted Israel to do so Close 30 embassies around the worldincluding theIsraeli Embassy in Rome. There’s more according to the Nyt: According to an Israeli official, Tel Aviv also canceled the event Vacation for combat units he remembered some Reservists in air defense units and blocked i GPS signals. US forces in the region have also been put on high alert.

The attack on targets in the region – The United States also warned Iran against using Israel’s attack on Damascus as “terrorism.”pretext to attack U.S. personnel and facilities.” It was announced again CNNciting a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The alert was sent in response to a message from Tehransaid the spokesman, without giving details about the contents of the Iranian embassy. The United States – the same source later said – assumes that an attack by Iran could occur against it Israeli targets or Americans in the region.

The risk of escalation – Furthermore, Israel’s attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus was a virtual event without even in the Story youngest: A regular army specifically targeted a diplomatic headquarters foreign. So this Israeli attack could be the provoking factor an escalation of the conflict throughout the Middle East. Firstly, because of Tehran, which has carried out a trial of Uranium enrichment probably also for military purposes, it could consider it an attack on its own territory and consequently a Act of war of Israel. And also because with this step the “Jewish State” was bombed indiscriminately Hospitals, ambulance And United Nations structures serves to accommodate war displaced persons and thus carries out a process of Normalization of escalation which runs the risk of dragging the whole thing out middle East towards a point of no return.

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