F1, it’s the 50th victory for Verstappen. Hamilton and Leclerc disqualified, Sainz is on the podium

The “cannibal” is still hungry. He is unstoppable. And after the sprint, the Dutchman from Red Bull also wins the United States GP at the Austin Circuit in Texas, his 18th of 22 races in the F1 World Championship and his 50th success in the circus. Despite sixth place on the grid, Verstappen managed to lead a perfect race and fight for one position after the other. The three-time world champion conquers the summit and then reaches the finish peacefully. Behind him is the rest of the world. Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes takes second place, beating Lando Norris’s McLaren. Despite the pole, Charles Leclerc failed to reach the podium and ultimately had to settle for sixth place.

The podium was revolutionized according to checks, performed after the race on the cars of Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton at the end of the Grand Prix. Irregularities were found on the floors of the single-seaters and the two drivers were disqualified for failure to comply with Article 3.5.9 e) of the Technical Regulations. The Englishman, seven-time world champion, loses this Second place went to Lando Norris, while Carlos Sainz moved to the bottom step of the podium in fourth under the checkered flag. Sergio Perez also moves up from fifth to fourth, while the disqualification of Leclerc, who was sixth, goes to George Russell (fifth), Pierre Gasly (sixth) and Lance Stroll (seventh), while Yuki Tsunoda is eighth This puts Williams in both drivers in the points, Alex Albon is ninth and Logan Sargeant, who scores his first point in Formula 1, is tenth.


F1 – United States Grand Prix

It was a lightning start from the grid for the McLaren of Lando Norris, who had edged out Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari for pole position and immediately took the lead in the GP ahead of the Monegasque’s red car and that of Carlos Sainz. Fourth place for Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes and fifth for Max Verstappen’s Red Bull, which gained a position after starting from sixth and was now occupied by Oscar Piatri’s other McLaren. Well done Sainz for moving from fourth to third place. After the first pit stop waltz, Norris remains in the lead, followed by Verstappen and Hamilton. But about halfway through the race, from the 29th lap, the world champion took the lead again and overtook Lando Norris, who had managed to keep the lead from the start with a feint. However, the second round of pit stops does not cause any unrest in the overall standings. Eight laps before the checkered flag, Hamilton attacks Norris and takes second place. The two Ferraris lose ground. The Spaniard even slipped to fifth place after overtaking Hamilton and Verstappen; The Brit from Mercedes and the Dutchman from Red Bull catch the Monegasque a few kilometers before the finish line.

F1 United States Grand Prix, Max Verstappen 10/20/23Getty

F1 United States Grand Prix, Max Verstappen 10/20/23

Max Verstappen also won the sprint race He achieved another success in a season in which he dominated from start to finish. Behind him on the podium were Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes and Charles Leclerc with Ferrari, who was overtaken by the Brit at the start after landing on the grass. Fourth place for Lando Norris in McLaren, followed by Sergio Perez (Red Bull), Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) and George Russell (Mercedes), who, however, fell back to eighth place due to the penalty imposed in the race.

The driver after winning the sprint: “I pushed as hard as I could, but in the race the strategy will be different if you start further back. At the start I made a maneuver at the limit with Leclerc, but the width of the corner helped – Verstappen emphasized -. I pushed hard, it was a fun race. For a few laps Hamilton was at nine tenths and I had to check the braking zones carefully. As I left the Drs zones, a larger gap emerged. In the race we will start from the back and there will be a different strategy, we will see what we can do.”

Finishing order of the sprint race:

1. Max Verstappen (Ola/Red Bull); 2. Lewis Hamilton (GB/Mercedes) +9.465; 3. Charles Leclerc (Mon/Ferrari) +17,987; 4. Lando Norris (GB/McLaren) +18,863; 5. Sergio Perez (Mex/Red Bull) +22.928; 6. Carlos Sainz (Spa/Ferrari) +28.307; 7. Pierre Gasly (Fra/Alpine) +32.403; 8. George Russell (GB/Mercedes) +34,250.

Max VerstappenAP

Max Verstappen

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