Japan, the wonderful images of Hanami, the traditional cherry blossom festival

Pink cherry trees are in full bloom in Japan and Tokyo residents enjoy a spring walk to admire and photograph them. However, it is traditionally forbidden to do “hanami” or look at the flowers while having a picnic in the park under the sakura (cherry blossoms), because even though the country has lifted all Covid restrictions, there are still some requests to the city residents not to let up and maintain some distance measures to prevent a resurgence of infections.

Hanami はなみ It means “watching the flowers” ​​and is the Japanese event that celebrates the beauty of blossoms, especially the cherry tree (sakura), from January to May.

Hanami has thousand-year-old origins. It is said that the flowers celebrated were originally those of the plum (Ume) and then traditionally became the cherry trees.

Cherry trees are very popular throughout Japan and since January there have been predictions about the blooming period in Tokyo and other cities in the Honshu region. Choosing a place to admire the flowers, be it in the most famous places or in an unknown corner, is part of the fun. Unfortunately, this year too it will not be possible to organize your own “Hanami”, admire the flowers and relax while welcoming spring, all hopes are for next year.

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