Lerici is the best tourism village 2023 according to UWTO

It is not the first time that an Italian village has received investitureUwto, the United Nations World Tourism Organization, is currently meeting in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. In the recent past San Ginesio (Brands, in 2021), Sauris (Friuli) and theLily Island (in 2022) have received recognition Best tourism villagea prize that offers the opportunity to participate in the upgrading program aimed at rural places to exploit their tourism potential through sustainable development models.

Lerici is the best tourism village 2023

The time has come in 2023 Lerici to win the opportunity: just over 10,000 inhabitants and the ability to attract visitors from all over the world thanks to its strategic location around the world Gulf of Poets and the continuation of traditional activities that have preserved the cultural identity of the place, the Ligurian village took part in an international selection of 260 applications from 60 countries. And with Lerici they have the opportunity to participate in the UWTO upgrade program, even if they are not one of the BTVs City of Bagnoregio (Lazio) e Sabbioneta (Lombardy). He uses this to highlight a peculiarity of Italy’s urban, social and cultural fabric – with a statement that certainly does not shine with originality: We are still talking about the ministry of the Venus influencer – the minister Daniela Santanchè: “News that fills us with pride and puts the Italy of the villages at the center of the world. Lerici is one of the 5,600 villages of our nation that represents the authentic Italy, that knows how to do it, that knows how to welcome, that Italy of excellence and beauty, envied by the whole world, synonymous with excellence and standard bearers of Made in Italy, which the government is committed to strengthening in its mandate. Precious gems like Lerici can become the calling card that Italy presents to the world to show who we are and what we know how to do. In these villages you will find authentic artistic masterpieces, the excellence of production and craftsmanship, the essence of the gastronomic and oenological tradition, and all in a dimension that puts man and respect for his time at the center; If we use this well, we can attract ever larger numbers of tourists.”. The mayor of Lerici elaborates on the matter, Leonardo Paolettiwhen he talks about the obligation to improve an offer.This is not just tourism with parasols and restaurants, but varied, eventful, contemporary and high quality“. These requirements allowed the Ligurian village to participate in the UWTO competition and win the title.

What is the best tourism village program?

Launched in 2021, the Best Tourism Village award aims to protect small communities and create new opportunities to achieve the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Among the requirements that are taken into account when making an overall assessment, the UWTO includes, in addition to cultural and landscape resources, economic and social sustainability, the quality of the infrastructure, the commitment to promoting tourism and the health of the place. The award was presented in 2023 54 villages around the world, from Al Sela’s Jordan to Dongbaek’s Korea to Hakuba’s Japan. Latin America was particularly rewarded, with various units from Peru and Chile; High number of reports, also based on the country’s area, for Portugal with four BTVs.

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