The last queues in the night before the lockout, the video: gas stations are on strike

Long queues for the “last tank” at various gas stations, the video of a gas station attendant in Milan shortly before the strike began.

Fegica and Figisc – Anisa Confcommercio confirmed the closure of two days, while Faib Confesercenti shortened the protest to 24 hours. Therefore, padlocks are attached to all dispensers belonging to the three organizations.

While the prices for petrol (in self-service mode at 1.846 euros/litre) and diesel (1.890 euros/litre) are rising slightly, consumer associations are criticizing new speculation: Codacons has filed a complaint about the disruption of public services For Assoutenti, the strike is “by the Oil companies wanted and ordered against price transparency”. The National Union of Consumers, on the other hand, called on the government to “review the strike on a random basis.”

Outside Parliament and in the Committee on Productive Activities, many have proposed an app instead of the billboard to promote the regional average price, which could be bolstered by strengthening Mimit’s ‘Observe Fuel Prices’.

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