The Italia Inclusiva photo project

His international tour begins with “Italia Inclusiva”, the exhibition promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that describes Italy’s third sector through the eyes of six talented contemporary photographers. The curators Cosimo Bizzarri and Matteo de Mayda will talk about this

If it is really human solidarity that makes you visit the nursing home, the asylum, the prison, try leaving your camera at home“. In this passage of the manifesto entitled Don’t take photos by Ando Gilardi There are all the difficulties that social photography faces today. If, on the one hand, it must remain faithful to its original mission, namely to bear witness, to denounce and to show solidarity with the victims of our society, on the other hand, it must find the courage to go beyond the limits hitherto delimited its practice.
The project Inclusive Italy goes in that direction. Funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and curated by Baringo, Inclusive Italy tells of six Italian third sector companies that in recent years have managed to build solidary contexts that are resilient, valued and supported. Five authors and a collective were selected as representatives who do not deal exclusively with social photography, but who have commuted between different genres over the years and have each been able to deepen their own poetics. These are TerraProject, Giulia Iacolutti, Marina Caneve, Louis de Belle, Alessandro Imbriaco and Federica Sasso.
The end result is a project characterized by heterogeneous languages ​​- from reportage to participatory photography, from portraits to video art – that give expression to the great variety of themes, contexts and approaches that characterize the Third Sector of Italy.
Accompanied by a photo book, available in six different covers, Inclusive Italy can be seen at the Italian Cultural Institute in Hamburg until June 9th. In the following months it will continue its international tour with the support of the network of embassies, consulates and Italian cultural institutes.

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Excerpt from the curatorial text by Cosimo Bizzarri and Matteo de Mayda (Baringo)

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