The House of Representatives approves the budget gap resolution

With 224 yes votes and 127 no votes, the chamber approved the majority resolution on the budget deviation. The green light is also given for the update note of the economic and financial document.

The majority decision states that with the budget the government commits to “a reduction in the tax burden on work in 2024 and the implementation of the first phase of the tax reform” as well as “initiatives to support families, especially with regard to families “, to provide for the numerous and for parenthood, which also aims at the compatibility of working hours and family needs.

In the evening the leaders of the Meloni group meet for maneuvers

A new meeting with the majority will take place in the evening to take stock with a view to the start of the maneuver, which is due to arrive at the Council of Ministers on Monday. As we learn from parliamentary sources, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has arranged a meeting with the parliamentary group leaders of the Chamber and Senate at Palazzo Chigi this evening at 9 p.m.

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