“He has reported himself and is calm”

The Turin public prosecutor’s office is investigating the talented Juventus midfielder Nicolò Fagioli. Magnifying glass during a round of betting on online platforms. The player from Piacenza, born in 2001, would have bet on some illegal websites: this complicates his position. Manuela Pedrotta, the public prosecutor, is leading the investigation The pressure. The investigators from the Turin Air Squadron examined the accesses and transactions, then compared the data with cross-references and finally identified the users. The young Juventus footballer Fagioli is also among the investigators. The crime is playing on illegal platforms. If a violation of the sporting regulations is found, the Juventus player can be expected to be banned or disqualified. The FIGC Federal Prosecutor’s Office has already questioned the player. Violation of the ban will result in “punished with a ban or professional exclusion of at least three years and a fine of at least 25,000.00 euros.

The Juventus player’s defenseIn a statement from his lawyers Luca Ferrari and Armando Simbari, he points out: “Nicolò Fagioli has reported himself to the sports justice system” and is “calm” about the matter in which the Turin public prosecutor’s office is investigating him for online betting authorized sites.

“In our capacity as lawyers for Nicolò Fagioli,” emphasize the lawyers, “with reference to the news appearing in the press today, we can claim that our client is approaching the matter responsibly, with a view to maximum transparency and cooperation with the Court of Order and the Sport.” judicial authority, which is reflected in the fact that he was the first to act promptly and quickly towards the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. Nicolò is calm and fully focused on Juventus and the championship.”

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Nicolò Fagioli, Juventus midfielder

Gambling is not a crime unless it involves illegal platforms or betting on the discipline practiced. In fact, Article 24 of the Law on Sports Justice declares the prohibition of “subjects of the federal system, managers, members and members of companies in the professional sector, from placing or accepting bets, directly or indirectly, even from subjects authorized to accept bets”. , which concern results related to official matches organized within the FIGC, FIFA and UEFA.

As a rule, it ends with the payment of a fine that cancels out the crime. However, the federal law expressly refers to betting: footballers are required to report. But above all: every member is expressly prohibited from betting in any way in order to make a profit. The FIGC public prosecutor’s office has been aware of the proceedings since August 30, and the report was submitted by the player’s own lawyers, who have already been heard by the federal prosecutor’s office. In fact, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office Giuseppe Chinè had also received the investigative judge’s report and opened proceedings against the footballer. As far as we know, the investigation is nearing completion. Fagioli could face a penalty ranging up to a disqualification of three years or more, to which a fine of up to 25,000 euros could be added.

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