the artistic project of Angelo Bellobono in the Reatino area

The artist Angelo Bellobono (Nettuno, 1964) is the spokesman for the beauties of the Apennines with the project Apennine house, valorization and promotion of the natural heritage that characterizes it. Experiences related to interdisciplinary residencies, workshops, exhibitions and walks are given back to the local community to strengthen the connection with the territory where they live.

Angelo Bellobono, portrait

Interview with Angelo Bellobono about Casa Appennino

Where and how the project came about Apennine house?
The place is Ponticelli Sabino, a hamlet of the municipality of Scandriglia in the province of Rieti, immersed in the splendid Regional Natural Park of the Lucretili Mountains. The “how” is instead a long and natural process that brings together who my wife and I are, our personal and professional histories, our skills and the will to walk a common path.

Apennine house
Apennine house

That means?
We had been looking for a large house not far from Rome for a number of years and bought what is now called last January Apennine house. Carla Ciatto, my wife, after working in photography for a long time, has been a yoga teacher for years and is about to become an environmental hiking guide; I, on the other hand, am an artist, but also a ski instructor, environmental hiking guide and qualified author, and these different identities are closely linked. For several years I have been working on the idea of ​​representing the Mediterranean Sea as a large mountain lake: theThe Apennines are the Mediterranean mountain range that crosses it, connecting south and north, east and west. So the The interior territories of our country are the focus of my artistic research through field actions, returns in the territories and the creation of works: Apennine line 1201, Apennine map And i am future are the main projects I’ve done between 2015 and that 2022. Apennine house represents the place that gives home to all of this.

The activities of Casa Appennino

What activities characterize it?
The activities will be linked to our areas of expertise: art, yoga and hiking, but others will also enrich the itinerary. The project will be implemented through interdisciplinary residencies, workshops, exhibitions, walks, seminars and free return activities for residents to create awareness and build communities together. The objectives also include the creation of a space used as a contemporary art and nature museum in the Lucretili mountains.

Apennine house
Apennine house

Who will be the participating artists and realities?
It’s still too early to talk specifically about the artists, there is still a lot to do and we hope to be able to present it Apennine house Early fall with an opening weekend. However, periodic residencies will always be welcome Artistone guide It is a yoga teacher (and perhaps, if necessary, a naturalist), a agronomistone writerone professional athlete of outdoor disciplines in nature or other characters that fit the topics covered. They must be artists adjusted to a ‘frugal’ lifestyle, lovers of the outdoors, hiking, rural communities, and a disposition for listening and dialogue. Among the realities that we want to involve are the local institutions, from the Municipality to the Agricultural University, the Directorate of the Monti Lucretili Park, to local associations.

Apennine house
Apennine house

How does the project communicate with the area and the local community?
A lot of energy and time is spent listening to fairy tales and stories. The same amount of energy should be spent on exploring the nearby natural environment. That is why we have started to use local workers and specialists for the restructuring phase. Then we will introduce ourselves and our work step by step and cautiously and communicate the goals.

First reactions?
The first meetings with some local associations and institutions have led to excellent results, the enthusiasm is great. Casa Appennino is not a project with a deadline, but an ongoing process that we will hopefully go through a long and slow timeenough to fully experience it. An expanding life project.

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