38,000 between arrivals and departures

One million arrivals and departures every year. The port of Ancona is second only to Bari among the ports on the Adriatic Sea in terms of passenger traffic. Connections to Greece, Albania and Croatia. Entry into the Schengen area has recently been introduced for the latter: no more queues and passport controls. Traffic intensifies in the summer months, especially in mid-August. 38,000 people in transit at the Doric docks on August 15th in 2023. Ticket offices, mooring lines, pilots and all other actors in the port supply chain will be mobilized in this time window.

There is tourism as such. But also those of the returning emigrants. The Albanian community in Italy and the Greek community in Germany are using the closure of shops to visit relatives. The ship remains affordable compared to flying by plane. “The historical value of the port of Ancona lies in the connection between central-western and south-eastern Europe; a sea bridge between these parts of the continent,” explains Guido Vettorel from the Port Authority.

In the video, Matteo Tacconi’s service at the peak of arrivals and departures in the port of Ancona on August 15, with an interview with Guido Vettorel of the Port Authority. Edited by Davide Lupi

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