“I was breastfeeding on a flight, but they asked me to stop so it wouldn’t make others uncomfortable,” says 28-year-old Chelsea Williams

“There are no official restrictions, but we don’t recommend it because it would make other people uncomfortable“: according to a spokesman for the airline TUI (German tourism business group based in Hanover) replied to the husband of 28-year-old Chelsea Williams who asked why his wife during the takeoff phase of a flight was prevented from breastfeeding. The events took place on July 30 when the couple traveled from Manchester to Algeria. Williams took a seat in the back rows of the plane to breastfeed her five-month-old son, but was asked to avoid doing so. “It’s dangerous on take-off and landing, we would have done that too if he had been bottle-fed,” said the flight attendant. But once Williams and her husband were on the ground, they contacted customer service to find out more, and were told that “in-flight breastfeeding is never prohibited.” but it might make others uncomfortable“.

“Before my flight home, I thought I’d check the official rules because I was shocked “That’s because it wasn’t allowed to breastfeed,” the 28-year-old continued Facebook. Williams, who was able to continue breastfeeding on the return trip with no issues or bans, explained that she was so bad she cried, and the breastfeeding expert Lyndsey Hookwaycontacted by Washington Post Commenting on the issue, he explained that every child should be breastfed where and when it needs to. TUI emailed Williams a few lines of apology WP extension: “As a family-friendly company, we support breastfeeding on our flights at all times,” added it opened an internal investigation to understand the reasons for the senseless ban.

And a similar case is told of a young mothercome on Reddit: “I took my five-month-old daughter yesterday for the third time. (…) She is a small eater and sleeper as long as she sits on me and has access to food and it is important that her head is not covered.” Then: “In the middle of the flight a flight attendant patted me on the shoulder. He said, “I had to cover up” because “there were men and children around.”

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