Positive European stock markets. Boeing collapses, gas and oil decline

After a session with little movement, European stock markets closed in positive territory: Milan +0.42%, London +0.06%, Frankfurt +0.74%, Paris +0.40%. Wall Street remains mixed as it awaits inflation data expected on Thursday. The Nasdaq rises 1.2% while the Dow Jones falls 0.36%, weighed down by the crash of Boeing: -6% after Friday night's accident involving an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9. Oil prices continue to fall, with Brent due to price cuts by the world's largest exporter Saudi Arabia and an increase in OPEC production is at $75.7. The decline in crude oil is weighing on stocks in the sector: Saipem -3.5%, Eni and Tenaris -2.5%. There was also a sharp decline in gas, whose return was below 32 euros per MWh. With a spread of 167 basis points, the 10-year yield drops to 3.80%.

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