Salvini: “I'm not running for the European elections, I would like Vannacci.” The general: “I'll think about it”

“I don’t know what the other leaders will do. I’m not running, I’ll remain infrastructure minister.”
Five months before the European elections Matteo Salvini he is withdrawing from the June 6-9 election campaign. “My goal – explained – is to achieve the 5 stars”. Then he says about the possibility of General Vannacci being nominated for the League: “I would like that because she is another victim of the radical chic left.” The general from Udine is flattered that he has thought of him and announces that he will examine the proposal “with a cool head”. “assuming I’m a soldier at the moment.”

Salvini singles out Quarta Repubblica audience for radical political outburst after days of silence disrupted by events Investigating Ana's orders in which the girlfriend's father and brother are involved. “Since the 1990s, starting with Craxi through Berlusconi and Renzi, it seems clear to me that there is a politicized judiciary that is trying to overturn the results of the polls in the courtrooms.says the deputy prime minister of the Lega Nord. “Judicial reform is urgently needed“Not for Salvini,” he continues, “but for many Italians who sit in front of the television.”

Was It was also a mistake not to have dealt comprehensively with financial peace.”he claims. “In view of two ongoing wars and the current economic situation, he emphasizes, we must put on the table a comprehensive, global, general and final settlement and depreciation and resolve all outstanding issues with the Revenue Agency.” Then he talks about it again Bridge over the strait: “CIt will create at least 40,000 jobs and create added value of 15 billion euros.”

Speak too the hearing on the Open Arms affair taking place in Palermo on Friday: “I am going there peacefully because I believe that I have already fulfilled my duty as an Italian citizen before becoming a minister.” And confirm the request Re-nomination of Christian Solinas for the presidency of the Sardinia region – a key point of conflict with the Brothers of Italy, who are pushing the mayor of Cagliari, Paolo Truzzu, into the race.

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