Piazza Affari at its highest level since 2008, BTP yield below 4%

Stock markets are rising again today in both Europe and the United States as investors expect a rate cut in the United States starting in May, although some are starting to bet on March. CME Group’s FedWatch tool forecasts, based on short-term Treasury bond futures prices, suggest a 54.9% chance of a 25 basis point rate cut; A month ago this probability was 20%.

These assumptions are reinforced by the data on new non-agricultural jobs created in November: there were 103,000, slightly less than the 106,000 in October and much less than the expected 130,000. These are estimates from the ADP agency, which are waiting for official data on Friday.

Today the Ftse Mib index in Milan rose by 1.16% and reached 30,430 points, its highest level since 2008. In the rest of Europe +0.79% for Frankfurt, +0.49% for London, while on Wall Street the three major indices rose about 0.20%.

Government bond yields are falling: the Italian BTP yield is at 3.97%, -4 basis points compared to yesterday.

And the price of oil is also falling: almost -2%, with Brent trading at $75.5 per barrel.

In Piazza Affari there were bigger gains for Diasorin, +4.08%, and Interpump, +3.61. Bigger declines for Tenaris, -0.50% and Eni, -0.68%.

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