There has been a paradigm shift in our relationships

“During the Italian Risorgimento, San Marino welcomed and protected Garibaldi, despite the threat of retribution from Austrian troops. The war hospital on the Veneto front was built during the First World War by the Republic of Titan with a spirit of generosity alongside the Italian fighters, just as San Marino hosted tens of thousands of displaced people during the passage of the front during the Second World War”.

This is how the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella began his public speech during the state visit to San Marino, recalling the “indissoluble thread of a thousand-year history” that connects “our two countries”.

In his speech, Mattarella also recalled the urgency of responding to climate change: “We are indeed looking with great concern at the climate emergency that is hitting our Mediterranean region with particular violence, with extreme climatic phenomena that are seriously damaging our ecosystem.” “We have ours way of life threatened. Together with the presidents of the Mediterranean countries that are part of the Arraiolos Group, we have called for action to take urgent and effective initiatives to halt and reverse the effects of the climate crisis.”

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