Nicolò Zaniolo has arrived at the Federal Prosecutor’s Office

Nicolò Zaniolo crossed the gates of the Turin prosecutor’s office in a black van at 2:35 p.m. The player is being heard as part of the investigation into alleged betting on secret platforms, which the Aston Villa midfielder denies actually using, but has used the same platforms for other types of games such as poker and blackjack. He will be heard this afternoon at the prosecutor’s office in Turin. Nicolò Zaniolo, former Roma player and now playing for Aston Villa in the Premier League, is being heard by prosecutor Manuela Pedrotta as part of the investigation into betting on illegal platforms. Two weeks ago, police confiscated Zaniolo and Tonali’s electronic devices while they were at the training camp with the national team in Coverciano.


Football: Sandro Tonali and Niccolò Zaniolo are being investigated for illegal betting

From the first moment his cards were revealed, Zaniolo never changed his story: “I played poker and blackjack, never football. And I didn’t know they were illegal racetracks. Today, together with lawyers Conte and Tognozzi, he will confirm this line to prosecutor Manuela Pedrotta and the investigative team following the maxi investigation. Unlike Tonali and Fagioli, the former Roma player will not file a complaint with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office as he believes he has not committed any violation of the sports code. From a criminal perspective, his actions are being evaluated and today the judges have the opportunity to clarify. It could fall under the sanctions provided for in Law 401 of 1989 and is payable, that is, it is possible to pay a fine for the violation without getting into major difficulties.

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