Carnival in Venice, 145,000 visitors this weekend

The second weekend of Carnival in Venice ends with 145,000 visitors to the historic city, including 75,000 on Sunday alone. Compared to Saturday, the number of tourists from Veneto cities, who traditionally prefer Sunday, increased: there were 21,000 compared to 8,000 yesterday.

There was no shortage of guests from the region (around 20,000) and especially foreign citizens (34,000). According to the analysis of the telephone booths carried out in the Smart Control Room of the Municipality of Venice in Tronchetto, presences of hundreds of nations were recorded; Most foreign tourists came from France (21%), Spain (13%), Great Britain (12%) and Germany (10%).


Venice Carnival 2022

It was a carnival weekend in Venice, particularly full of masks, shows for children, but also traditional events such as the first Marie parade. There was no longer as much crowding in St. Mark’s Square as there was before the Corona crisis, but queues formed on the streets and at the piers, especially when returning. The rich and widespread carnival program “Remember the Future” is attracting many tourists this year, with a competition for the most beautiful mask taking place on March 1, decided based on criteria that focus on creativity and originality.

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