“Convergence on the refugee issue and for de-escalation in the Middle East”

Second day of the European Council in Brussels. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni remained standing with journalists in the press room at the end of the 27 heads of state and government’s work. “The ESM was not mentioned, it was not the subject of this debate,” Meloni said. In any case, “one cannot approach the topic of this instrument if one does not know the framework”. The ESM, said the President, “remembers the old parameters of the Stability Pact”. “It is not helpful for anyone to ask this question now, it cannot be discussed until we know what the situation is,” he stressed.

Regarding the conclusions on the crisis in the Middle East, Meloni was satisfied: “We must do our best to prevent an escalation of the conflict and work towards a structural solution of the ‘two peoples, two states’ solution.”

Meloni also responded to questions from the Ministry of Economy about the tax measure that had just arrived at Palazzo Chigi: “There were no particular obstacles,” he said, also reiterating that a quick approval will be a sign of the government’s compactness. It also confirms that there will be no forced withdrawals from the checking accounts of those who have tax debts. The maneuver “will arrive in Parliament in the next few hours”. She then focused on the Mediaset case, migrants and answered questions on the dispute between Culture Minister Sangiuliano and Undersecretary Vittorio Sgarbi.

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