Milan’s pink jersey, Wall Street’s reopening is undecided

Weak and uncertain opening for Wall Street after the Thanksgiving holiday shutdown. The Dow Jones is up 0.18% and the Nasdaq is down 0.20%: Black Friday and the start of the holiday spending season are not enough to push the lists up.

The picture is better in Europe. Milan is up 0.47% and appears to be accelerating in this second part of the session, thanks in particular to some banking and energy stocks. Particularly noteworthy is MPS (+2%), followed by Intesa Sanpaolo (+1.5%); The heaviest of the Ftse Mib is Moncler (-1.5%). The other European markets are weaker: Frankfurt and Paris show increases of 0.13%, while London falls by 0.21%.

The spread between Italian BTPs and German Bunds fell to 174 basis points (yield at 4.37%). The price of oil is still falling. Brent is at $81.3 a barrel and American crude at 76.3, awaiting the decisions of the OPEC+ summit on November 30, originally scheduled for November 26. Even today, the price of gold is rising above the $2,000 per ounce threshold.

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