“We are unable to fulfill the Pnrr’s announcements”

We are unable to fulfill the services announced for the Pnrr“ and “I take responsibility for what I say”: these are the two most important sentences that were uttered this morning Roberto RustichelliPresident ofCompetition and Market Authority (Antitrust Law) in his speech at the General States of the Restart, organized by the Economic and Social Observatory “Riparte l’Italia” in Bologna.

“In the international macroeconomic scenario, the structural weaknesses of the Italian economy They lead us to start new challenges,” Rustichelli added. “We are in a moment where We are experiencing less growth and more inflationbetween internal and international challenges”.

“Innovation, investment, development and social cohesion are key words in the discussion about the country’s growth and competitiveness,” continued the President of the Competition and Markets Authority.

“We must strive for an increasingly competitive economy and entrepreneurial dynamism: things that represent a pillar for the promotion of democratic principles and guarantee diversity, equal access to opportunities and freedom of choice.” Italy can exploit various opportunities in this context, such as diversifying sources , the green transition and the reorganization of production chains.”

Finally, the cartel president concluded that “competition is the essential prerequisite for the market to create wealth, but also the prerequisite for contributing to the well-being of consumers.”

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