Lollobrigida, Santanchè’s version is a copy of the minister’s: “It has already happened 207 times. The solution? Make sure the trains arrive on time.”

“I’m working on the Frecciarossa because for me it’s an exceptional transport vehicle: I’m thinking about how The minister has already explained it Lollobrigida, the train was stopped in Ciampino, they opened the doors and got off along with many other passengers. I understand that they were done 207 exceptional stops in 2023“. The Minister of Tourism said it: Daniela SantanchèAnswering a question from the reporter on the subject of the train stopped by the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida and the distancing of Northern League member Romeo, who spoke of “behavior to be avoided”. “Were there 207 ministers who stopped the doors? I don’t know,” he said on the sidelines before the start of the work of the International Tourism Forum in Baveno. Meanwhile, Santanchè said: “We have to do everything possible to ensure that the trains are on time so at least we don’t have this problem, a big challenge that we have to accept and accept.” As a challenge to Salvini, they ask her: “I have that an excellent relationship with Salvini“We work together and Salvini does a lot.”

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