“Italy is the most reliable in the euro zone”

Prime Minister Meloni intervenes at the Assolombarda General Assembly, assuring that at Pnrr we will “put the money on the ground at all costs”. As for growth, he claims Italy is more reliable than the rest of the eurozone.

Italy in the period of economic growth. The most reliable in the euro zone

Giorgia Meloni immediately began her speech: “Italy has shown a recovery from the Corona crisis, giving us better-than-expected economic growth, with an estimated upward forecast of +1.2% in 2023, growth above the EU average, higher than the main continental economies , 0.7% for France, 0.2%.” “That’s good for Germany. We show higher reliability than the rest of the eurozone.”

“It is necessary to highlight the importance of the Italian manufacturing industry on a global scale. Assolombarda’s figures are surprising, but we are still observing an inexplicable trend that is causing the contribution of Italian industry to decrease,” continued the President of the Advise.

With regard to the ecological transition, the Prime Minister added: “It cannot be assumed that in order to start the ecological transition, we can dismantle our economy and our businesses. Ecological change and environmental sustainability must go hand in hand with social and economic sustainability,” the transition must be made “with man at the center” remarked Giorgia Meloni in her speech to the Assolombarda Assembly. A passage underscored by the applause of the audience.

The role of Italy in Europe

The Prime Minister then continued her speech and referred to Italy’s role within the European Union.

“Italy is experiencing an unprecedented period of political stability and Europe, also in response to what other major global players such as China and the United States are doing, seems increasingly, albeit slowly, to be opening its eyes to what is being done should.” be his role?

“Europe must offer itself as an alternative supplier to the USA, which is ‘decoupling’ from China,” continued the Prime Minister. “Every crisis is an opportunity,” Meloni noted, and “I don’t think Europe can’t react, can’t respond, can’t coordinate,” in the face of the IRA, “because the EU and the US are looking at the same systemic rival, China.” There is a chance, the US is striving for decoupling from China, we can offer ourselves as an alternative producer of at least some critical raw materials, which is one of the greatest challenges of our time, especially for ecological transition.”

“On commodities and industry, we are working with a common approach for an EU that is starting today to talk about nothing less than sovereignty, something that was unthinkable a few months ago when it was confused with a self-sufficient approach, a dangerous trend of the right.” “It wasn’t the case with the wing parties,” emphasized the prime minister. “Those who work in the realm of reality and not ideology and utopia find it easier to see what then materializes.”

“I am confident that the decline can be reversed, that it is not a matter of fate but a choice. I am convinced that we must understand what challenges the future of productive Italy and Europe faces and acknowledge the mistakes of the past,” she added.

Government progress in employment and industry

“I’m proud of the work the government is doing, but I know that these results are thanks to your work. So I still don’t understand the tendency to belittle our nation’s results. I think that’s self-defeating.” attitude that we must be punished and fought against. “We must start from the values ​​of our industrial model,” Meloni said again during her speech to the Assolombarda General Assembly.

The labor market is responding well to the politics of the last few months, the employment data gives us great satisfaction. We’ve tried to do our part, by lowering the contribution burden, incentivizing hiring of young people, eliminating basic income for those who could work, we need everyone’s contribution. We are now working on finding the necessary resources to structure the contribution cut,” the Prime Minister continued.

“We have that Stable contract balance“The unemployment rate is at its lowest since 2009, but as I also have a sense of proportion these results are not entirely due to the government but to your work.”

“This nation can still be saved, it can still amaze. She can show the world what she’s worth. We will always be the most beautiful ship in the world. Our hull may be damaged, but it’s always safe, but our crew isn’t always.” I had clear signals, but he has heart and mind. If we give this crew clear signals, we don’t have to fear waves, no matter how high they may be. I know we agree on this and can work together. “

A pragmatic approach to environmental protection

The Prime Minister then focused on the urgent issue of environmental protection: “The ecological transition is essential, but it must be done according to criteria”, warns Giorgia Meloni on the stage of the Assolombarda General Assembly, “we cannot dismantle our economy to continue it .” the ecological change”. The Prime Minister then states that “environmental sustainability must go hand in hand with social and economic sustainability” and asserts that “the government defends nature but with the human being within”.

“This is”, he stresses, “our challenge, which distinguishes us for a pragmatic approach towards a somewhat short-sighted ideological environmental protection on some dossiers that are being discussed in Europe”, he notes. “I’m thinking of the lighting regulation.” Vehicles. C “Work still needs to be done on the recognition of biofuels. In the meantime, we have managed to enforce the principle of technological naturalness, thereby paving the way at the forefront of the new legislation that today unites 8 European countries,” he said.

This nation can still be saved, it can still amaze. He can show the world what he’s worth. We will always be the most beautiful ship in the world. Our hull may be damaged, but it is always safe. Our crew didn’t always have clear clues, but they have heart and brains.”

Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister

The Pnrr, a great opportunity

On the Pnrr, the Prime Minister then reiterated: “It’s a great opportunity, we all have to row in the same direction. This government did not write or negotiate the plan, we are working tirelessly to make all resources available in the necessary times.” “And it is a plan that requires corrective action and a great deal of commitment from all stakeholders involved,” said the prime minister.


Giorgia Meloni during the Assolombarda 2023 General Assembly, Milan

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