European price lists are in the spirit of caution: Milan at full speed

The European lists open the first session of the second half of this year cautiously, but in positive territory. London +0.28%, Frankfurt +0.35% Paris +0.30%. Only Milan starts with a plus of 0.83%.

The insurance regulator has allowed the finance company of the Del Vecchio group to climb up to twenty percent of Generali. The Generali Assicurazioni Apa share has already gained 5.5% after the first trading session

The first half ended on Friday with a record result for the Ftse MIB, the best European list since the start of the year, up 19 per cent.

Very few exchanges in the world have performed better, including the Nasdaq. Wall Street tech stocks rose a record-breaking 31.7 percent while the Dow Jones was flat at plus 3.8. Today, on the eve of Independence Day, the American stock exchanges are only open for half a day.

As for Asian equity markets, Tokyo made significant gains (+1.7%) thanks to better-than-expected manufacturing and tertiary sector indices. In China, on the other hand, industrial activity growth slowed less-than-expected in June and the lists are consistently positive.

Oil is still slightly up, Brent hits $75.39 a barrel

And gas is also on the rise, at 39 euros per megawatt hour.

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