The Carabinieri who captured Messina Denaro donate the €10,000 prize to the department that takes care of children with cancer

After capturing the super boss Matthew Messina money On January 16th they were received by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and were also the recipients of one cash prize. Now the military sector “Crime” of pink have decided to donate the reward benefit of the community and in particular to donate to the operating unit of Pediatric Hematology of the city hospital Palermo.

In the morning from Saturday July 1st The health facility was therefore equipped with two new beds for the ward intensive care unit under the direction of Professor Paul D’Angelothat welcomes children with cancer: the Carabinieri were – amidst the enthusiasm of the young patients – at the time of the installation one small plate.

Ros had received a prize of around 10,000 euros and immediately asked what would be useful at the Palermo hospital. It was the same area code as reported by fan pagesto advise them of the purchase of two intensive care beds, “particularly technological and electrified, which also allow us to weigh our small patients who are unable to get on the classic scales,” explained the professor. The department was inaugurated 2018

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