“Three years to bring Messi here. 50-60 million a year for him”

It’s a long task to bring Leo Messi overseas. “The idea of ​​bringing him here,” Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas told El Pais, “came in 2019. It took three years. The last year and a half,” he continued, “have been very intense. There were many meetings with his father Jorge. I spent the entire World Cup in Qatar watching Argentina and I thought the negotiations were over by the end of May.” Mas also revealed that the Argentine’s salary fluctuates “between $50 million and $60 million a year”. But the Pulce will benefit from other financial benefits, such as a percentage on the resale of the club’s shirts, in addition to profits from TV rights to the American Championship, which Apple owns.


Lionel Messi, Paris Saint Germain

The major league soccer club’s number one also claimed that “when Messi retires he will have stakes in the club”. Messi – Mas continued – “will be able to transform MLS into one of the two or three most important leagues in the world. I think he wants to make his mark and will make it beyond football.” The debut of the world champion the Florida team is scheduled to play in a League Cup game on July 21.

Jordi Alba with the Spanish national teampay

Jordi Alba with the Spanish national team

But not just Messi. The club are also looking to bring Jordi Alba and Luis Suarez to the MLS. In practice, the US club want to rebuild a large part of the great Barcelona of a few years ago. “Two or three more players will come,” added the club owner. “We are speaking to Jordi Alba; while Luis Suarez has a contract with a release clause. We’ll see,” he concluded.

Luis Suarez on the pitch at Brasileirao 2023pay

Luis Suarez on the pitch at Brasileirao 2023

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