Increases for housing, traffic and beaches

Summer has arrived, but Italians’ desire to enjoy the holidays this year collides with the rain of price hikes we’re grappling with. The increases affect different sectors, making it difficult for many families to move around with peace of mind.

The club photographed the expensive holiday Other consumption who wanted to analyze 360° what consumers expect in this period. Specifically, three aspects were taken into account: the cost of hotels and B&Bs in coastal, mountain and art cities; that from travel by car, train and plane; Finally, the annual evolution of prices in the main Italian seaside resorts.


Hotel Restaurant

The number of overnight stays in hotels, which are still more expensive than B&Bs, is falling

Other consumption analyzed the cost of a room 2 people for 8 days and 7 nights in some of the most famous Italian tourist destinations: Polignano a Mare, Cervia, Ortisei, Selvino, Florence and Naples. The findings show that, in 2023, You spend more when you stay in a 3-star hotel than in a B&B: €111 or €98 per night for a B&B.

However, a trend reversal can be observed the hotels The are cheaper than in 2022: Prices drop by 12% for seaside resorts and by 13% for mountain resorts. THE Highest prices found in a hotel overnight are those of Ortisei, A night can cost an average of 162 euros, while the The most convenient destination is Naples where you spend an average of 75 euros per night.

For the B & BCompared to the previous year, two opposing trends can be observed: the prices of buildings in the localities The sea rises (+8%) while they are those in the mountains are decreasing (-11%). Compared to 2022, both for hotels and B&Bs, the biggest increases they have signed up in the art cities where In 2023 we will spend 20% (B&B) to 31% (hotel) more.

Pint June 2nd, 15 million Italians travelAnsa repertory photo

Pint June 2nd, 15 million Italians travel

Traveling by car: The increase in fuel and motorway fees weighs heavily

Those who prefer to travel long distances to reach their vacation spots automobile , will have to contend with the increase in motorway tolls. For whatever reason gas priceLast week’s survey shows an increase compared to last summer, but the price it is constantly evolving. Altroconsumo’s analyzes show that the higher average cost to reach the holiday destination is to Polignano a Mare (€264), while the cheapest route is to Cervia (€135).

Chaos in the central station, canceled trains and delays in Milan(handle)

Chaos in the central station, canceled trains and delays in Milan

For flights and trains, prices are increasing: +128% for intercontinental flights and +13% for trains

The increase in fuel costs has also led to a significant increase in the price of airline tickets: according to ISTAT data, compared to last yearDomestic flights increased by 44%, European flights by 43% and intercontinental flights by 16%. Compared to May 2021 there is one significant increase of 128% on continental flights. In contrast to last year, i Trains register a 13% increase compared to 2022.

Increases that pushed me forwardL guarantor for price monitoring, Benedict Mineoon the recommendation of the Minister for Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo UrsoTo invite the representatives of the main airlines operating domestic flights affected by higher price increases.

beach, umbrellasGetty

beach, umbrellas

Beaches: rising prices and firm concessions

Those who choose a seaside destination will also notice price increases under the roof. Compared to 2022, theannual survey of Other consumption Highlights in the Italian bathing establishments a General increase in prices for sunbeds and umbrellas by 5%. The investigation shows that ad alassio are spent on average 329 eurosagainst me 134 from Senigallia, the cheapest location among the ten locations examined. In Gallipoli you pay an average of 269 euros; 216 euros in Alghero; in Viareggio, on the other hand, 200 euros.

Good news, on the other hand, for those who choose it as a holiday destination Gallipoli and Palinuro where there was no increase compared to the previous year. Slight surcharges They met around Alassio (2%), Anzio (3%), Taormina (3%) and Senigallia (4%). Higher but in line with inflation, a Viareggio and Lignano (9%), Rimini (10%) and Alghero (11%).

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