“Compulsory prosecution must be reformed”

The Gypsum of Rome ordered yesterday the forced indictment of Undersecretary of State for Justice Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove, who was under investigation for disclosure of official secrets in connection with the Cospito case, the anarchist imprisoned after 41 bis. The prosecutor’s request for dismissal was therefore not granted. He has to formulate an application for indictment, so an investigating judge is appointed who schedules a preliminary hearing.

According to the Justice Department, leaked from internal sources, this case “proves, like every other suspect, the irrationality of our system.”

The investigation began with the denunciation of Green MP Angelo Bonelli, who had lodged a complaint in recent months. Now the judge’s decision raises the question again. According to the findings of the Delmastro prosecutor’s office, he did not commit a crime in conversation with Donzelli about the interrogations in Cospito prison because Delmastro did not know the nature of these acts. However, the magistrate does not support this thesis, the secretary of state could not ignore the secrecy of this content, among other things, the parliamentarian of the Brothers of Italy is also a criminal lawyer.

“Following this – explained via Arenula – prosecutors will only insist on the application for acquittal consistent with the application for release. On the contrary, where it calls for condemnation, it will only contradict itself. prosecuting The prosecutor, who is not and should not be subject to executive power and is absolutely independent, is the monopolist of prosecution and therefore cannot rationally be denied by a judge on the basis of elements in which the prosecutor himself does not believe. In fact, the vast majority of the forced indictments end in acquittals after long, painful and useless trials, which is a great waste of human and economic resources even for the necessary defense measures. For this reason, a radical reform is needed that fully implements the law enforcement system”.

Justice Department: “Reform of the suspect register is urgently needed”

This comes in the wake of an attack by Palazzo Chigi, who in an informal note had sharply attacked the investigating magistrate’s decision and also the investigation involving the minister Daniela Santanché who learned from the media that she was on the suspect register (although the certificate taken in December 2022 did not indicate this), she said in one The publication is entrusted to the Ministry of Tourism).

“It is not usual for the public party to request that the case be dismissed and the coroner to request that the case be instituted. In a trial where the documents are classified as confidential, it is against the law to learn that you are under investigation,” the newspapers said. If they are two government officials – the Justice Department statement said – It is fair to ask whether part of the judiciary has opted for an active opposition role and prematurely decided to launch the campaign for the European elections“.

It’s “urgent”. Reform of the registration of suspects and guarantee information, the ministry today named internal sources related to the Santanchè case. The same sources “reveal their confusion and unease at the umpteenth press release of an act that was meant to remain confidential. The proposed reform aims to address this anomaly by protecting the honor of every presumed innocent citizen pending final conviction.”

Elly Schlein: “Instead of reacting to the situation, Palazzo Chigi is fomenting a power struggle”

The response of PD secretary Elly Schlein was immediate: “In a democratic system it is unacceptable that instead of responding to the allegations on the merits, Palazzo Chigi is fueling a dangerous conflict between state authorities and spreading intimidating anti-government sentiment. “Justice”.

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