Palinsesti Rai, CEO Sergio on the Fedez and Rosa Chemical case in Sanremo: “Indecent and unacceptable. If something happens at the next festival, we will ask for accountability.”

Among the many, many topics of discussion during the press conference presenting the Rai schedules for the 2023–2024 television season there is also that of the neighbor San Remo Festival.How do you make sure something like Fedez and Rosa Chemical doesn’t happen again? and the fine from the cartel office?” is the question asked by one of the journalists present. The answer of the managing director Roberto Sergio is available: “At last year’s Sanremo Festival I denied a specific act: the simulated sexual act in the front row, which…” I felt it was indecent and unacceptable. The rest is part of a live show of obvious complexity.”

As for the fineAgcom because of hidden advertising of the social network Instagram and the profile of the conductor Amadeus: “We must work together to give the authority a correct answer, on the 26th we will be in hearings.” We will then see the process of a procedure that we take for granted respect and that we will try to solve in the possible way. Marcello Ciannamea has the responsibility to lead this year’s Sanremo together with all of us“If something happens, we will ask him about it.”.

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