In China, the home of the souvenir, the pandas, the symbol of Beijing 2022, are missing

The land of souvenirs – and pandas – hasn’t produced enough Gadget with the symbol of the Winter Olympics from Beijing 2022. Bing Dwen Dwenthe panda on skates, which the Chinese government chose as the official mascot of the Games, is practically impossible to find on the domestic market.

Zhao Weidong, Spokesperson of the Committee The organizer of the Olympic Games officially admitted it: With the public barred from the stands due to anti-Covid restrictions (only a few invited spectators have access to the competitions), a souvenir of Bing Dwen Dwen has become an object of desire.

And so, perhaps to offset the frustration of not being able to watch the races in person, demand is outstripping supply and that’s what the national media is talking about Long queues in one of the main stores Souvenirs of the capital.

According to Zhao Weidong, the supply problems are also due to this Lunar New Year holiday, which coincides with the Olympics: “We are still in a holiday season due to the Spring Festival. Many of the factory workers are spending their holidays at home, so the supply of licensed products is affected,” emphasized the Olympic Committee spokesman. “We are doing everything we can to coordinate the production and delivery of Bing Dwen Dwen,” he added.

In the meantime, come on social media Complaints from Chinese users explode: A single hashtag asking “one dwen per family” was generated in one day 210 million views on the social platform Weibo.

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