From Spalletti to Ilary, here are the “captain’s” statements.

In an interview with Il Corriere della Sera, “Il Capitano”, Roma’s standard bearer Francesco Totti returned to talk about the separation from Ilary Blasi. The former number 10 also spoke about his past with the Giallorossi and beyond. QFrom this conversation it is clear that Totti seems to want to seek serenity, and perhaps he is getting closer and closer to that serenity.

At the end of his relationship with Ilary, Totti says: “We both spent twenty years together, with many very beautiful moments. Now I just want us to find a balance between us that is able to protect the guys who are the greatest.” Reason of love for both of us. Of course, the “Pupone” admits: “I know it’s not easy, but what was between us for many years was important. If we both find this balance, the boys will be fine and will feel protected.” That is the ultimate goal: the children’s composure.

“My dream is to make another dream come true. I’ve had one before and managed to make it a reality. I would like another one, I’m looking for it,” he concludes. “Now, after all the problems that have arisen, I just want to go through life more calmly and calmly.”


Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi

The outspoken Giallorossi legend says he is the strongest footballer he has ever met: “For me he was sentimentally Giannini. I liked him because he was the captain of Roma, he was my idol, he played in front of the defense and knew how. “As a child, I wanted to be like him in order to lead the whole team. Of those I played with, I would say Zidane. He was complete, he had everything. All strong, but each different. Take me and Del Piero. Equal and opposite.”

When we talk about coaches, we cannot mention his mentor, even a father: “First Mazzone, who I remember with great affection. Then Zeman and the first Spalletti. I have to say it. It’s the truth,” says Totti, who had a difficult relationship with the current coach of the national team. “If I met him, I would greet him with affection, I would be happy. I believe there is a deep bond between us. Also because what we went through together when he arrived from Udine means something to me in my life, something unrepeatable. Both in the field and in everyday life. I went out to dinner with him once or twice a week. Luciano was a pleasant, funny, sincere person. At the last stage, our relationship was influenced from outside, especially from the company “We no longer understood each other. I also made mistakes, God forbid. I believe that if we went back, both of us would no longer be in conflict “, admits Totti.

Carlo Mazzone and Francesco TottiHandle

Carlo Mazzone and Francesco Totti

He also addresses the “problem” of the Roma: “I spent thirty years with the Roma. I showed respect to everyone, gave up other jobs without it counting. I said no to Real Madrid and others because I wanted this jersey, just that yellow and red jersey that is imprinted in me. The way my story with Roma ended, yes, I was sorry. The truth is, when you are no longer needed in football, there is no longer any respect. Whether Maldini, Del Piero, Baggio “I don’t have football anymore, that means something, doesn’t it?” And the future? Mourinho said he wanted Totti in Rome. “I would like that,” says Totti, the Portuguese coach, “he’s number one, I respect him a lot,” “but I don’t want to go back to it. I don’t want to ask. At Roma they are.” Know that if they need me for serious things, I will be happy to help them. Otherwise friends as before.”

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