The Rolf Sachs exhibition at Sotheby’s in London

The exhibition Rolf Sachs: Moving still images includes both historical sculptures and new photographs in a special selection personally curated by the versatile artist. Associated with various schools, from minimalism to surrealism, Rolf Sachs (Lausanne, 1955) uses various media with humor to provoke sensory emotions that can connect the collective consciousness through the contemplation of the ordinary.
The exhibition explores his fascination for the recontextualization of everyday objects in an extroverted and reflective way: a chair, a sleigh, a milk can, a walking stick, a spade or a roll of toilet paper, mountain tools and instruments are put together in an unconventional way with ancient materials (stone , wood) or cast in bronze or resin, creating sculptures that trigger unexpected decodings.

The Rolf Sachs exhibition at Sotheby’s in London

The selection of photos (Moving still images) is a new unreal series: Sachs plays with antithetic objects and ideas, he does this in the titles and in the works. The tension between different concepts and materials helps him create a harmonious antinomylike when he starts from a roll of toilet paper to arrive at disturbing triangles, thereby also inverting the “still life” genre (Tender 7, L1010382-Enhanced-NR). Chance and coincidence are at the heart of artistic practice. The media he uses are light sources and camera movements that create unplanned visual effects, a harmony between opposites that transforms objects and reanimates them in ambiguous ways.
Sachs, who is closely linked to the alpine culture of the Engadine, lives between Rome and St. Moritz, just a few steps from the well-known Dracula Club, of which he is president, and is exhibiting his works for the first time in London at Sotheby’s in New Bond Street, simultaneously with the exhibition St. Moritz appears! (until November 5th), bringing a selection of designers with close ties to the British capital to the city.

Cristina Zappa

London // until November 5th
Rolf Sachs: Moving Still’s
34-35 New Bond Street

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