FIFA, Rubiales case: “It caused irreparable damage”

FIFA’s disciplinary committee claims that Luis Rubiales, former president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), “significantly damaged the integrity and reputation of football”, causing “irreparable damage”. This is what FIFA wrote in its file on Rubiales, according to El Mundo, who was accused of a non-consensual kiss against player Jenni Hermoso immediately after Spain’s triumph at the World Cup and suspended by the highest international authority in 90 years. days.

The file, to which the Spanish newspaper had access, is being used by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee to justify the 90-day suspension of the former president of the Spanish Football Federation. The panel also regretted that this affair had “clearly overshadowed the success of the World Cup-winning national team” and had caused damage “at a global level”. In addition to the kiss, FIFA also condemns the subsequent behavior of Rubiales, who allegedly “pressured the player” and her entourage to “testify in her favor.” Behavior that is considered “unbearable.”

As the RFEF’s internal clean-up continues following the resignation of the former president, the women’s national team actually appears to have initiated a change that will fundamentally transform the Spanish Football Federation. After Dismissal of Andreu Camps, the former Secretary GeneralAnd Miguel García Caba, former head of the integrity department, that also comes from Pablo Garcia Cuervo, communications director of the Football Association.

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