Politicians, artists and VIPs trust social media with their best wishes

New year, new wishes and above all: divided.

The imperative that continues to unite politicians, artists, sports greats and “celebrities” at the beginning of 2023 is share with your “followers” the moment of celebrationwhich shows the place and the affection with which the New Year was toasted.

First there is the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who confided to Facebook and Twitter his personal wishes and intentions for 2023: “I want you to believe with us, with me, in the possibility of revitalizing this nation, of getting it back on its feet.” So that it runs quickly and with enthusiasm , because we can do so much more. We have to do it together.”

Romance and an exotic location form the framework for the photo and the greeting message “Welcome 2023,” which the former Olympic swimming champion shares on Instagram Federica Pellegrini and her husband and former coach Matteo Giunta.

Image and family warmth in the post by Tiziano Ferro, accidentally “completed” on Vasco Rossi’s profile: “I wish you a 2023 in which you can feel protected and happy.” “I love you,” he writes Singer on Twitter and appears together with his daughter Margherita, the little girl whose father he became along with the boy Andres.

Among the artists who celebrated the New Year via social media, there are those who did it more soberly, like Elisa, who, after the forced stop of concerts for health reasons, welcomed the New Year on Instagram and showed herself sitting at the piano…

those who, like the volcanic “Jova”, aka Lorenzo Cherubini, wanted to remember in a post the most beautiful and overwhelming musical moments of 2022.

To the multi-layered Rocco Papaleo A “Happy New Year” said in a deep voice and a mischievous facial expression is enough to touch the hearts of his fans.

The stunning comedy star Michela Giraud prefers to focus on superstition and invites her followers to “leave behind the people who made 2022 impossible” by immortalizing themselves in front of a bonfire.

With the class that distinguishes it, Chef and TV star Bruno Barbieri opts for more traditional greetings. In 2023, he recalls in a video on Twitter, there must be “great emotions, happiness and beauty”.

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