Farewell to Giulio Santagata, one of the founders of Ulivo and former minister of the second Prodi government

He died in Modena at the age of 74. Giulio Santagata, Ex-minister for the implementation of the second program Prodi government. He was a historical colleague of the professor to the founders of Ulivo and deputy for 12 years, first from the Margherita and then also from the Democratic Party.

He was born in Zocca, in the province of Modena, and graduated in economics from the University of Bologna. Santagata was Economic advisor to Romano Prodi in 1996 and then followed the former prime minister to Brussels when he became president of the European Commission.

And Romano Prodi himself defined the loss of Santagata as “a great pain“, where he speaks of the dem exponent as “dearest friend, with whom I shared feelings of deep affection.” The former prime minister added: “For years, Giulio and I shared not only a large part of our private lives, but also political struggles, successes and defeats. (…) I will miss his lively intelligence, the openness of his advice and his ability to find the ironic twists in things in life and politics.”


Romano Prodi and Giulio Santagata

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