A year without Gianluca Vialli, the memories and his career at Ferrari

An exhibition in honor of Gianluca Vialli in Genoa, where the champion won the first Scudetto in Sampdoria's history in the 1990-1991 season. The exhibition opened in a room in the stands of the Luigi Ferraris Stadium, where it will take place for two days. “One man, one champion, Gianluca Vialli”: is the title of the exhibition. On display are the original number 9 jerseys (Cremonese, Sampdoria, Juventus, Chelsea and Italy) as well as photos and newspapers from that time. The inauguration was attended by Francesca Mantovani, daughter of former president Paolo, current Sampdoria president Marco Lanna, former players such as Invernizzi, Scanziani and Flachi, sports councilor Alessandra Bianchi, regional councilor Stefano Balleari and his nephew Riccardo Vialli. “It's a day full of emotions. A year ago my uncle left us and this year I met a very special person through the memories of his teammates with whom I became friends and through the memories of many people who loved him when he played.” in life thanks to his wonderful teachings,” he emphasizes. The exhibition is the start of a series of events. “On Sunday the women's Supercup final will take place at Zini in Cremona and during the break we will name the individual sector after Zio,” adds Riccardo added, “on the 8th evening at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa for research.” Vialli's career is full of anecdotes and jokes. “I remember a joke he played about Briegel (former German defender of Verona and Sampdoria): We were competing to see who could hold the most toothpicks in one hand, he put his hand on the toothpicks and pulled himself up. When Briegel put his hand Luca gave him a slap so everyone stopped and Briegel started screaming. For a moment I thought he was going to hit him, but instead he just threw a glass of beer at him. “For us it is an honor, a privilege to have him in Genoa in the Sampdoria colors, but I would say he is also a champion for what he has taught us off the pitch,” comments Bianchi.

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