European stock markets positive after Federal Reserve decision

The US Federal Reserve’s decision not to adjust interest rates was widely expected, but it nevertheless brings further relief to the markets in a phase of great geopolitical uncertainty. European stock markets all start with a plus sign, with gains of more than half a percentage point – +0.76% for Milan.

Asian stock markets also performed positively, with the exception of those in mainland China. Tokyo and Seoul in particular are in the running, in whose lists the technology sector has the greatest weight, which pays the most for interest rate increases due to the constant need for refinancing.

The stop in the price of money in the USA also has an impact on the foreign exchange market: the dollar is weakening against most other major currencies, including the euro, which is just above 1.06.

As oil prices recover after three days of decline, Brent crude, which hit its monthly low yesterday, is now above $85.5 a barrel.

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