New flame for Jimmy Ghione? This is 25-year-old Marialaura De Vitis

Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica drops the bombshell: According to his findings, the historical correspondent of Striscia LaNotia Jimmy Ghione and the beautiful model Marialaura De Vitis “They would meet.” The confirmations are very sparse for now, even if the rumors are going crazy on the Internet. The girl is a familiar face on television, in fact she boasts about the victoryThe Babe and the Nerd Show“, participation in Hello Darwin andIsland of the famous (to name a few). Her last love affair with Paolo Brosio, which ended two years ago, caused a stir. What angered public opinion was the couple’s significant age difference, which was exactly 42 years.

However, there are 34 years between Ghione and Marialaura, even if the man – as users on social media remember – is still engaged to the Russian actress Daria Baykalovafamously in 2016 after the TV personality divorced Tania Paganoni, with whom he had two children.

However, the rumors are yet to be confirmed The two would have been seen together several times: In the absence of confirmation, it is difficult to understand whether the alleged acquaintance is a simple flirt or a real relationship. However, a possible clue comes from the social profiles of the 25-year-old, who, after posting a photo in a restaurant, answered “yes” when asked if she was in love, but without revealing the identity of the person who would her Make your heart beat faster?

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