Cortona On The Move 2023. The program and the exhibitions

As every year, the greatest national and international photography experts meet in Cortona in Tuscany. Here you will find lectures, workshops, events and exhibitions that you should not miss

© Marina Planas

To encourage reflection on current events and the past, through one of the tools that can best explore reality: this is the aim of Cortona On The Move, the Tuscan Photo Festival, now in its XIIIth edition. edition takes place. ““More or less” is the theme I chose for this issue.” comment like this Paul Woods, Artistic Director of the Festival. “These categories define the world we live in, our desires, our fears, our belongings. The contrast between abundance and scarcity, the superfluous and the essential, the elite and the masses, the accumulation and the dispersal. At Cortona On The Move 2023 we will explore “More” by taking a look at the past and the present, while “Less” will focus on stereotypes and offer a program full of ideas for understanding our world, while being free of simplifications is“. More than were invited to interpret the dichotomy between “more and less”. 30 artists for a total of 26 exhibitions Scattered between the historic center of the city, the Medici Fortress of Girifalco and “Station C” near the Camucia – Cortona train station.

© Dana Lixenberg
© Dana Lixenberg


Among the great names of international photography, we point out the presence of Larry Finkwhose collection of works is exhibited with the title class problems: a story made in pictures that provides a true and debunked portrait of society and its class divisions. He will also be there to keep him company Chauncey Hare The project was never exhibited in Italy Working class heroesand the winners of the 2022 and 2023 editions of the festival: Zed Nelson with the project The Anthropocene IllusionAnd Scalandre From Mark Zanella. Two exhibitions, on the other hand, will also bear the signature of Intesa Sanpaolo (recently hyperactive in cultural collaborations). Stand still From Massimo Vitali and his iconic works created from the 90s to the present day e.g The African case comes from the Publifoto Intesa Sanpaolo archive, which collects the reportage of Vantino (better known as Tino) Petrelli from 1948 in the village of Aspromonte and is exhibited for the first time in Cortona in its entirety.

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© Larry Fink
© Larry Fink


The program is enriched by group exhibitions, such as Get rich or die trying edited by Lars Lindeman and Paul Woods. The exhibition tells the story of a culture created by the most disadvantaged people who found a path to self-expression, identity, creation and ultimately wealth and acceptance through hip hop. Then continue with Focus on Chinacurated by Lü Peng, artistic director of the Chengdu Biennial, and Paolo Woods, which will feature Chinese artists Honglei, Dong Wensheng And Han Lei. It ends with the new Ambitious you – Love and social layers in the photo story curated by Frédérique Deschamps and Paolo Woods in collaboration with the Mondadori Foundation, which presents photographic treasures (some of which are unpublished) such as negatives and the first photographic evidence of several hundred photonovels published by Mondadori in the magazine bolero between 1947 and the late 1970s.

© Hong Lei
© Hong Lei


The second edition of Cortona On The Move’s (free) open call ended on April 30, 2023 and aimed to support the talent of artists in the development and production of their works. An initiative to which the world of photography responded with enthusiasm, counting the receipt of 2,000 dossiers. The ten finalist works will be announced in June and will be screened on the opening days of the festival The winner will receive a prize of 3,000 euros, as well as the opportunity to exhibit your work at the next edition of the festival. In addition, on July 14th and 15th at the Teatro Signorelli in Cortona, professional and aspiring photographers will have the opportunity to have their work evaluated by the photo editors of the most important magazines through online booking.

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