At the bar they ask you to split the toast in half, two tourists pay two euros more

Two euros more because they asked to have the toast cut in half.

This is how much tourists had to pay in a bar in Gera Lario, in the Como area. The episode, which took place at the end of June, was publicized on TripAdvisor and then spread on social media, prompting comments. Today the newspaper La Provincia di Como reports about it.

The customer posted the photo of the receipt with the extra charge but The manager justified himself: “We used extra saucers and napkins.”

In practice, a vegetarian toast with fries was ordered for 7.5 euros, plus the 2 euro surcharge because it was ‘divided in half’ at the restaurant in the small lakeside village.

“The format of the toast is already cut in half and served. We were two people and asked for toast which we would have eaten in half at the table. But do we have to pay for splitting the toast in half? Unbelievable.” but true…” writes the customer.

“If a customer asks me to make two batches of toast, I have to use two saucers and two napkins and approach the table with two hands. It’s true that the customer is always right, but it’s also true that there are additional requests “a cost factor,” replied the bar manager.

If a customer asks me to make two batches of toast, I have to use two saucers, two napkins, and approach the table with both hands… extra requests come at a cost.”

The bar manager

Among the many societal comments and criticisms, there is also room for irony, as in this tweet, where the irony is that the request might have been justified had it been Bruce Lee sharing the toast with a sharp slap.

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