41-year-old marries her best friend’s 16-year-old son: “Everything is legal”, but the detail surrounding the wedding night does not go unnoticed

Love has no rules and certainly does not follow the logic of the chronological age. Thus, assisted by the bridegroom’s mother, on July 30th in Samba’s regency in Indonesia, the Marriage between 41-year-old Mariana and 16-year-old Kevin. The event quickly went viral on social media. despite the 25-year difference, it’s legal. And in the photos circulating on the internet, the bride can be seen in an elegant and expensive white dress accompanied by her lover while showing off her wedding rings.

user reaction? Apparently she was not long in coming and among those who supported her there were also those who explained – since the bride is the wealthy owner of a grocery chain – that the wedding was dictated by an economic interest, and for this reason Lisa . Mother of the groom would have proposed Best friend dating her son, officially to recover from a disappointment in love. The marriage proposal came after two months of courtship. As reported by The mirror After the wedding, Kevin said that he would soon be working in one of his wife’s shops.

But the hurdles for the newlyweds don’t end here and now You must face the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI). In fact, according to a KPAI spokesman, the marriage could not have been celebrated like the husband underage. So unless the “contract” is terminated, the two spouses now have to wait two years before they can start their first sexual relationship.

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