Chambres, new space for art in Florence

In Florence, in one of his recently built hotels, he opens a new space for emerging artists. This is the four star hotel mH Florence & Spalocated in the heart of the city, just 150 meters from the Santa Maria Novella train station and 5 minutes from the historic center: you will find everything here from September 15th The new exhibition format starts rooms which, curated by the artists (and teachers) Pantani Surace And Paolo Parisiis renewed year after year with different works and protagonists from the national academic world.

Chambres, the showroom of mH Florence & Spa

Florence has always been a place rich in art and culture“, says the initiator of the initiative Irene Vezzosi, hotel manager. “Our desire with this project is to create a continuum between the atmosphere that the tourist experiences when visiting the city and the atmosphere that he breathes when returning to the hotel. The encounter with the artists Pantani-Surace and Paolo Parisi made the realization possible. The idea was driven by the desire to create a space dedicated to beauty and the expression of ideas, intended for the exhibition of emerging artists. a space where the sobriety of our surroundings combines with the creativity of art. Selected Works”. continues Vezzosi, “They tell of a constantly evolving reality and reflect the artistic tendencies of young people. The goal is to make the hotel a venue for both artistic and secular events, accessible to both the city and passing tourists“.

mH Florence & Spa. Photo: Francesco Rondoni

Chambers in Florence. The first show

The project opens with an exhibition in which the artists appear as protagonists Anna Dormio, Lori Lako, Matthew Coluccia, Max Mondini, Mohsen Baghernejad Moghanjooghi And Stefano Giuri: almost all alumni of the Italian Academies of Fine Arts who have completed their training and are already distinguished internationally for the quality of their research. The works of sculpture, painting, performance, photography, video and installation will be welcome in the various indoor and outdoor spaces, including the lounge bar that has just been built in this hotel, which has two flagships: the spa and the panoramic terrace on the sixth floor that offers a 360° view of the city overlooking the Duomo. The works created specifically for Chambres will reflect the conditions of movement and different identities typical of the hotel, integrating and interacting with the environments and those who traverse them.

Max Mondini, Untitled (Edoardo), 2023
Max Mondini, Untitled (Edoardo), 2023

rooms. The ideas of the curators Pantani-Surace and Paolo Parisi

The hotel is not one of those places where one specifically seeks art, such as museums or private galleries, but where one goes out of necessity or leisure‘ comment project curators Pantani-Surace and Paolo Parisi. “Bearing in mind the experiences in this direction that were made in the specific field of art between the 80s and 90s of the last century, we believe that this is all the more the case today, in a socio-economic context that has shown its limits in many respects Can the encounter between this innocent gaze and the artworks of the new generations, which makes us think about new ways of relating between ourselves and the existence of art, be mutual nourishment and practice methods of a comprehensive expansion of the field of action? share the languages ​​of art. Going forward, the project also intends to explore the areas closest to training, mixing participants’ pathways and curricula“.

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