68 controls in Foggia, 22 violations

The video shows the discovery of an illegal petrol station dug up in a shed in Cerignola: the Foggia Financial Police carried out 68 checks, 22 of which revealed violations.
The activity of the financiers aims to verify the correct application of the regulations on the prices collected, to verify that there are no price notices on the roadside or that the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy has failed to refer them to the others communicate fuel types sold.

At the Cerignola illegal facility – hidden in a shed in the countryside – the military, suspicious of the traffic detected in a normally little-used agricultural area, monitored the movements of numerous cars which, after driving into a shed, turned back for a short time.

At this point, the yellow flames decided to enter to check what was happening inside and found a car that was being refueled: other vehicles were standing outside waiting for their turn, the movement of vehicles became controlled with radios.

A sign hung in front of the shed reading: “1.40”, which corresponds to the selling price of diesel in euros per liter and was collected by the two alleged managers, according to the Foggia prosecutor’s office.

The illegal installation, with three delivery nozzles connected to two 1,000 liter tanks via pumps with flow meters, was confiscated along with 2,000 liters of agricultural diesel and 14 metal drums used to transport the fuel.

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