“We will win like David against the Goliath bureaucrats”

Yesterday evening some monuments in Florence were lit up blue, the color of the European flag. A community initiative to remember that Florence is a city that believes in the values ​​of a united Europe.

At Fortezza da Basso it is the day of the European sovereigntists: “Free Europe. “Identity and democracy” are the watchwords. The event opened with “Il mio canto libero” by Lucio Battisti and then a video message from the chairman of the Rassemblement National Marine Le Pencan you see it Matteo Salvini great master of ceremonies. “Today Europe is degrading its history, The EU Commission is taking action against our people“It sees people as a commodity without roots and without borders,” said Le Pen, “a model of the annihilation of peoples is being pursued.”

“For von der Leyen,” the chairwoman continued, “immigration is not a problem, but a project. If we do nothing, Brussels will rule despite the lives of its people.” “We are movements of patriotic and democratic resistance to bureaucratic power,” Le Pen concluded.

There are also delegations from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Flanders (Belgium), Austria, the Netherlands and Germany.

Among the songs selected by the league for the event is “La Libertà” by Giorgio Gaber. “We are here to present our vision of Europe,” he said Marco ZanniLega MEP and leader of the ID group – a Europe made up of free citizens and not bureaucrats, a Europe that represents our territories and our people.” And he concluded: “There are those who call us Eurosceptics, but “We are the only ones committed to saving Europe, and not those who centralize and stifle our identities, but those who consist of freedom.”

Then Salvini took the stage: “I re-read a passage from the Old Testament about the challenge between David and Goliath, and I think it applies to what we do today. In 99 cases out of a hundred Goliath wins, he is a giant and armed, even at the time he fought against Israel, but there are peacemakers here. What amazes me is that there is anyone on the left who is unable to condemn the cancer of terrorism and Islamic fanaticism. Extremism must be eradicated from our schools and our neighborhoods, no ifs or buts.”

“Goliath – explains Salvini – was looking for a challenger to the Israelites, today Goliath is represented by bureaucrats and bankers who are the first Eurosceptics, because whoever has robbed the ideals of a common construction to have only a banking superstructure is Europe’s first enemy .” The Deputy Prime Minister said: “David was a young shepherd armed only with courage and faith. He decided to challenge the giant not with the proposed armor, but with a sling and five smooth stones. Then you know how it ended. He defeated.” Goliath, who seemed invincible, today gathered here in Florence women and men who, with common sense, courage and faith, will defeat a giant who is Europe’s first enemy, the Masonic technocrats who are the identity of our continent want to destroy. We at Goliath Soros are not afraid, we are not afraid of those who are financing the destruction of our civilization.”

Before entering the conference, Salvini told journalists: “Today I read Gentiloni’s interview, which is already preparing the renewal of the conflict between the People’s Party and the Socialists, but today we present an idea of ​​​​another Europe where there is.” It goes not about reducing the deficit, debt, GDP, inflation, but about work, well-being, the right to health, school, security, in short, the Italy of rights against the Europe of cuts and Soros”.

“The Lega,” emphasizes Salvini, “offers this opportunity to the Italians and Europeans, and if anyone would rather continue to mess with the Socialists, they should do so, I can’t stop it.”

“I am not worried about the demonstrations planned in the city against the event, as long as they are civil and peaceful,” Salvini said. “I hope that no one defiles, defaces or damages Florence. We will leave Florence cleaner than we found it. In a democracy it is also nice to demonstrate against it, as long as it is done with a polite tone and polite behavior.”

Local team

Firing colored balloons at the police guarding the headquarters of the Fratelli d’Italia

Procession in Florence in response to the gathering of the SovereignistsLocal team

Procession in Florence in response to the gathering of the Sovereignists

Blue-lit monuments, the color of Europe.  Florence, December 2, 2023Dario Nardella on X

Blue-lit monuments, the color of Europe. Florence, December 2, 2023

A several meter long banner with the flags of Europe in FlorenceLocal team

A several meter long banner with the flags of Europe in Florence

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