“We don’t care if someone doesn’t believe in Italy at the European Championships”

There is only the blue, that of Italy, no political connotation or “quail jump”, as some accuse the Tuscan coach who moves from left to right. Spalletti intervenes at Atreyu, the Fratelli d’Italia party taking place in Rome, and responds with conviction: “To belong to something, you have to feel part of something. The fundamental thing is to give meaning to your life, otherwise it has no meaning.” Commitment must be a constant and continuous reason in sport and in the family. We must emphasize that we are the ones who bring the thoughts of all Italians to the pitch. We need to highlight values, show that we care about this jersey and let people know where we are and for those who do it, the shirt is a gift and we need to know how to wear it well and all Have characteristics of those called upon to wear it.” The Italian coach only wants to talk about football and the national team, period.

He then speaks in detail about the national team and says: “We have to show that we give everything for this jersey because it is a gift and we have to wear it well.” Sitting on the bench and singing the anthem is something unique, there is no other feeling of beauty.

Of course, he also expresses his opinion about the Azzurri’s next important game, the European Championship: “Next year we’ll go to Germany as champions, whether the others believe in us or not shouldn’t matter to us.” We are the ones who believe in ourselves and must move forward with a sense of duty and commitment. With this flag on our shoulders, we cannot give in.”

Then the coach gives an unusual but important speech: “Today there is a danger of the virtual world, which is in contrast to the physical world, which consists of real hugs.” Some players like fantasy football more than football, we have to tell them the differences make clear. We are working in that direction.”

Spalletti also analyzes the path of the Italian teams in the Cup and the Champions League: “In my opinion it should always be seen from the perspective of what we can show beyond the results.” For the real comparison with Europe we have to take steps “Luciano Spalletti also remembers the recently deceased Sinisa Mihajlovic, but he will always keep him in his heart: “I have a lot of memories of him. He was a loyal opponent who cared deeply about sporting commitment. The game and the beauty of football were his main focus and when he played against Napoli he told me: he would have been happy if we had won.

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