the PD forum on the topic “The Europe we want”, with Prodi, Letta and Schlein

On Saturday he worked for the Democratic Party, almost a reaction to the Fratelli d’Italia event in Castel Sant’Angelo. The morning began with the second day of “The Europe we want: solidarity, green, fair”, the event aimed at defining the program for the next European elections. After the start of construction yesterday, among others, were present Paolo Gentiloni, Giuseppe Provenzano, Rosy bindi, Pina Picierno And Brando Benifei – he continued with the “Speech on Europe” From Romano Prodi. This was followed by a debate on “The challenges of a progressive Europe”. Nicolas Schmit, Enrico Letta, Mariana Mazzucato, Lucretia Reichlin.

She will therefore be the secretary Elly Schlein to report on the two-day working sessions and to continue with the presentation of the European Forum. The work ends at 1 p.m., but the day continues: the work is expected to begin at 2 p.mParty meetingwith the secretary’s report and the changes to the statutes.

Schlein: “Unholy suggestion rewarded. “Minimum wage destroyed by deception”

“We are not a standing election committee, We are a real party, a real political community, a party that aims to be in society and challenges society to an alternative government. A party that listens to people’s needs and expectations. A party that is able to mobilize for the great challenges of our time. We want a sustainable Europe,” said Democratic Party leader Elly Schlein during her speech on stage at the event.

That from Premiered It is a bad suggestion, which does not exist in any other country in the world because it undermines the balance between state powers. If they say that this reform does not affect the prerogatives of the head of state, they are lying, even though they know they are lying. Behind the clever slogan you decide, there is a colossal “I decide for you”, which is called upon to pay tribute to the leader at most once every 5 years. But democracy is something different. The right has always wanted to rewrite the Constitution so that a single man or woman takes charge, but the country has already given in and we will oppose it. If we really want to give citizens more power, let’s change the election law and allow them to elect their own representatives,” the Democratic leader added.

“We want to introduce this in our country minimum wage“, with the opposition’s unity proposal, and which Giorgia Meloni instead thwarted with cunning, betraying the hopes and expectations of almost three and a half million working poor men and women,” Schlein added in his speech at the PD meeting. “From the beginning they chose the path of postponements because they didn’t even have the courage to vote against us, but they did it even worse: they trampled on the prerogatives of the opposition by invalidating our proposal and a We sent a delegation to the government without the minimum wage, without saying that less than 9 euros is not work, but exploitation.


The democratic leader

Europe doesn’t need a little blackmailHe needs a major test of collective intelligence. blackmail like the one on the Mes. It is not possible to block the rest of Europe. Ratifying the changes to the ESM does not mean demanding its activation, but does not mean denying other countries access to it. If he can’t even explain that difference, he’ll have to change jobs,” the Democratic secretary said.

“Today, that Orban’s veto He continued on to the European budget and the 50 billion in economic aid for Ukraine. We stand with Ukraine because we are for international law, because we reject the idea of ​​redefining borders with the army. And in addition to support for Ukraine, we would like to see stronger diplomatic and political commitment from the European Union, which must also find a unified and strong voice here in order to create the conditions for ending this war and for a just peace. Because peace work is not a utopia for us.”

“We’re at one humanitarian hell in Gaza, even the United Nations says so. Who must be supported in their multilateral efforts, not attacked,” added the Democratic Party secretary. “We need a peace conference to get the process moving towards i back on track two peoples, two states, which otherwise runs the risk of remaining a mere rhetorical invocation. Also because one, Israel, already exists and has the right to exist in peace and security, but the other, Palestine still lacks full recognition which must finally come from the entire international community,” motivates Schlein. To build peace, “we must find interlocutors, both on the Palestinian and Israeli sides.” It cannot be Hamas, a terrorist organizationbut it may not even be current Israeli government with right-wing extremists “Weaponizing unacceptable settler violence in the West Bank, the same ones that are expanding illegal settlements and targeting targets like EU-funded schools, violating international humanitarian law.”

Romano Prodi and PD secretary Elly Schlein at the European Forum of the Democratic Party, "The Europe we want"Handle

Romano Prodi and PD Secretary Elly Schlein at the European Forum of the Democratic Party “The Europe we want”

Prodi’s speech: “More defense, no military spending.” Continue with the necessary balance between radicalism and reformism.

Ukraine has united Europe, but without any proactive capacity on the European side, without an agreed proposal and therefore no role in peace initiatives. When I think that there have been more peace initiatives in Turkey than in Europe, I feel like I’m saying something didn’t work. We need a common international and defense policy“said Romano Prodi in his speech. “I’m not talking about an absurd increase in military spending, we are spending a lot, 480 billion. Half of the United States. “A big, big effort with very little effectiveness,” adds Prodi. “With misplaced irony, Our friends have called us an economic giant, a political dwarf and a fighting worm. But we must be not only a loyal vassal, but also a loyal ally of the United States, capable of building a common defense of our rights and interests.”

“Only around a strong project can a coalition emerge that is capable of winning in our country and has the necessary authority in Europe.” It has been said many times Chirac’s theorem Without Italy there is no Europe. “That’s still the case,” the former center-left prime minister added, specifying: “We must send a strong, cohesive and competent team to Brussels and that she is preparing to take on larger roles in the future that she was excluded from because no one was included on this team.”

“Populism has become increasingly important in Italy and elsewhere: it is the refuge of a people who cannot find a home in a party, and many have no longer found it in the Democratic Party.” If in 15 years the Democratic Party lost 6 million voters, This means that we have to take a different path, to create an Italian path and a European path. But with all the weaknesses, The Democratic Party remains the only political party still able to speak to its voters, and it is the only one that has always had strong European roots“, said the professor, among other things, from the stage of the Democratic Party.

“We have to continue with this necessary balance between radicalism and reformism, we must to once again become the country’s reference point for the European electionsAt this moment Europe welcomes us all, it is our challenge. A challenge for us reformists is to complete Europeto create a federal Europe that is united, strong, great and regains relevance in the world added the founder of the Democratic Party, specifying: “The greatest sadness I felt was to see how in the early days there was a very great interest in Europe, which then waned due to the growing insignificance of Europe compared to giants like the USA.” and China”.

“There are two directions in which reformism must push” in the EU: “the End of unanimity And Europe at different levels of integration. I would rather tell you: let us reform the Treaty immediately; It is not possible. But it is possible to take these two big steps,” emphasized Prodi, explaining that “one of the tragedies of Europe is the…” Veto power el’Increase in populists and extremists. Europe has responded, let’s not forget the Pnrr and that without European policies we would have experienced a real catastrophe during Covid.”

I am talking in this context about the recent “resistance” of the Hungarian Prime Minister to the approval of the EU budget and the granting of Ukraine as a candidate country for accession to the European Union, which was then resolved with the exit of Orban, a decision defined by the former Italian Prime Minister that of the Prime Minister of Budapest as “wonderful contradictions“, “that our government operates with great sophistication“.

The professor also finds time for a few swipes at the parallel event in Castel Sant’Angelo, the Fratelli d’Italia party: “If you call Musk or Vox, it means that you live in another world, stay in the other world.” . That’s what I think. Since they were then smart enough not to invite me, I didn’t ask myself the problem,” commented Prodi, adding: “I’m not in Elly’s position, but I think her reflection is the same as mine.” “What will you do” in Atreyu? “If we have a situation in which the place of dialogue, namely Parliament, no longer exists, what should we do with the dialogue in Castel Sant’Angelo?!” In the ancient Roman prisons? Let’s do it in Parliament and then in other places,” emphasized the former prime minister, who also stated that he had never been to Atreyu: “I saw that they said I was in Atreyu. I’ve never been there, I’ve searched every archive I can think of, but Maybe once you could even go there, but not today. This turned into an internal, closed discussion with a fake debate.”

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