“We are waiting for the EU Council, a more comprehensive justification is needed”

“There is a broader argument on the ESM, I would take it in order. “Let’s see what will be defined in this EU Council on budget policy, but.” it cannot be seen independently. The European Council must deal with the changes to the EU budget and other very important dossiers, then we have the negotiations on the Stability Pact. Things have to be connected To think that there is a separate discussion that does not take these two elements into account frankly does not convince us.” Said the Minister for European Affairs, the South, Cohesion Policy and the PNRR, Raffaele FittoGuest of Monica Maggioni on “In half an hour”, on Rai3.

Fitto’s statements make it clear how the two dossiers, the ESM and the Stability Pact, are linked: the prerequisite for the government to give the green light for the ratification of the ESM and for Italy to be the only EU country that has not signed is that The revision of the Stability Pact does not mean any disadvantages for our country. The tensions between the frugal countries and the most indebted countries like ours are making the negotiations on the new budget rules quite tiring, so much so that they have created problems a gray smoke this week at Ecofin in Brussels (There will actually be an exceptional Ecofin just before Christmas).

“Minister Giorgetti,” Fitto continued, “has already managed to open an important moment of dialogue and discussion on this issue in the Ecofin Council, we will see it in the next few days and I hope that these negotiations will be positive for our country can be completed.” .

A few hours earlier, the leader of the League in the chamber, Riccardo Molinari Instead, as a guest on Maria Latella’s Caffè della Domenica on Radio 24, he said: “The stability pact is far from completeand in fact I give you some news: I really believe that we will not discuss the ESM on December 14th . I will explain why: Minister Giorgetti rightly pointed out that it is on the calendar, but there are measures that come first.

“The league’s position is known, we believe it is an outdated tool, but we will wait until Meloni’s guidance on this issue is understood,” Molinari added.

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