Walmart's Avia 5000 is the shoe of the moment on TikTok. The price? Only 18 euros and 46 cents

tick tock, the social network that now dictates fashion and trends after decreeing the return of Adidas Samba and Onitsuka Tiger, today she consecrates them Avia 5000 as absolute must-have shoes at the moment. The merit? Definitely the price: only 20 dollars (18 euros and 46 cents), but also the design and a number of retro details.

The Avia 5000 are becoming increasingly popular on the social media platform and continue to impress young and old who like to wear them with leggings, socks and large socks, copying the relaxed style of Kendall Jenner or with cargo pants and navel-exposing sweaters like Hailey Bieber teaches. The new Avia 5000 sneakers are available in a range of color combinationsand such as white and pink, black and pink, silver and purple and white and blue and can be purchased on the Walmart website – the largest retail chain in the world. The reason for their success is very simple: first the design with chunky rubber sole and coordinated details, which refers to the typical silhouettes of the most expensive and fashionable Asics and New Balance, and then the low price.

According to TikTok users, hashtags have registered on the Chinese platform more than 6.9 million views, Sneakers Avia 5000 are comfortable and light Thanks to the breathable mesh upper and soft, molded sole, you can wear them all day long and then go with everything: under long knit dresses, combined with masculine-inspired tailored suits or just plain Wear it with wide-leg jeans and turtlenecks.

The fact that affordable sneakers are becoming fashionable is certainly nothing new. Two years ago the internet and social media were crazy about Lidl shoes. The German supermarket giant created a limited series of sneakers in the basic colors yellow, red and blue to match the logo and sold them for 12.99 euros. Within hours, Lidl's shoes went viral on social media, were featured in articles on websites, but most importantly, sold out in less than an hour after appearing on shelves. Everyone wanted to have her and in vain. When Lidl introduced a second edition of the now iconic shoe after a few months, many turned to resellers who bought trendy clothing and accessories in bulk and then resold them at a higher price, You end up spending incredible sums between 700 and 1000 euros.

Over the last year, their value has fallen sharply from month to month until it ends at 24 euros, exactly double the original price. Let's hope the Ava 5000 doesn't suffer the same fate. Meanwhile, many users on TikTok have started collecting them in all colors, fearing that with Black Friday and the upcoming holiday season, the iconic sneaker will no longer be available on the Walmart website.

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